The Great Battles of History, in Miniature. 

Published in Smithsonian On-line magazine.  More HERE

Feria de Seville

Published in easyJet Traveller in-flight magazine. More HERE

The Loveliest Town in England

Published in SpeakUp magazine. More HERE

Time For Tapas

Published in Living Spain magazine. More HERE

Devil’s Delight

Published in Chiang Mai uncovered on-line magazine. More HERE

A Desert of Stones

Published in Kasbah du Toubkal magazine. More HERE

The Last Football Maker in Morocco

Published on The View From Fez. More HERE

A Crumbling Glory of Mud and Straw

Published by Journey Beyond Travel. More HERE

Gourmet at the Corner Store

Published in Finnair Bluewings in-flight magazine.

A Work of Art

Published in  BMI Baby Yeah Baby in-flight magazine.

An  Easy Life In Chiang Mai 

Interview published in International Living magazine

Feos Con Cache – The Ugly Agency

Published in Spanish by Ling, Vueling , in-flight magazine.

Repsol Map and Guide Books

A series of articles published in English-language media in Spain to promote the guide

English-language newspapers in Spain

A short selection